gwar b-q smokes attendance records… new gwar frontman introduced!

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From Atop a Heap of 5,000 Dead Bodies, GWAR Declares 2014

GWAR B-Q a Success!


 The 5th Annual GWAR B-Q, held at Hadad’s Lake in Richmond, Virginia on August 16, has been labeled an unequivocal success. This comes from GWAR themselves as they lounge atop the bodies of the more than 5,000 GWAR B-Q attendees, imbibing from their secret stash of Killsner GWAR Beer (which sold out at the GWAR B-Q), chain-smoking the band’s own premium limited edition CiGWARs, and dipping their massive, stinky toes into tubs of ice-cold GWATER.

GWAR’s manager, Sleazy P. Martini, was overjoyed by the event’s turnout: “Every year I tell myself there’s no way these inbred zoo animals can pull off another GWAR B-Q, and there’s no way in hell even more Bohabs will show up and fork over their life savings just for the chance to be roasted on a spit. But every year they prove me wrong, and I get to wipe my ass with a new roll of $1000 bills. The GWAR B-Q is the biggest thing in the history of meat and music, and don’t you forget it scumbags!”

GWAR B-Q broke all previous records for attendance, death count, and casualties. Every band that performed kicked so much ass that GWAR actually let them live. The lineup would go toe-to-toe with any other festival performance anywhere on any day: Body Count, Misfits, The Meatmen, Hatebreed, Iron Reagan, Kepone, Noisem, Occultist, Loincloth, The Glorious Gone, Eat the Turnbuckle, Venomous Maximus. The GWAR B-Q also had the “Crypt of Chaos,” a GWAR-themed haunted house, drunk idiots out on the lake in giant hamster balls, a “Rolling Wheels of Death Skatepark,” tattoo artists, classy ladies doing synchronized swimming, and lots and lots of bloody, delicious meat slathered in GWAR B-Q Sauce.

But of course, the main event of this and every GWAR B-Q was the jaw-dropping, eyeball-popping exhibition by the creators of the human race, our lords and masters, the Scumdogs of the Universe, GWAR! Those in attendance witnessed a blistering set that featured Slymenstra Hymen spitting giant fireballs, the Sexecutioner duking it out with Gor Gor, and the introduction of the band’s new mouthpiece — an enigmatic, old-school Scumdog known only as Blóthar! Punk-rock loudmouth Jello Biafra was thrown into the meat grinder – despite his LONG but heartfelt eulogy at the previous day’sfan memorial for GWAR’s most faithful slave, Dave Brockie. Finally, a cathartic performance of the band’s classic, “The Road Behind” summoned forth an ocean of salty tears from the sea of flaming Bohabs in attendance. All this to say…

GWAR lives! See them live on the GWAR Eternal Tour this fall!

Hail Oderus! 
Hail Flattus!
Hail GWAR!!!


9/12: Chicago, IL @ RIOT FEST


GWAR W/ Decapitated and American Sharks:

10/15: Norfolk, VA @ The Norva

10/16: Sayreville, NJ @ Starland Ballroom

10/17: Stroudsburg, PA @ Sherman Theater

10/18: Worcester, MA @ The Palladium – “Rock and Shock Festival”

10/19: Buffalo, NY @ The Town Ballroom

10/21: Louisville, KY @ Expo Five

10/22: Memphis, TN @ New Daisy Theater

10/23: Dallas, TX @ Gas Monkey Live

10/24: New Orleans, LA @ House of Blues

10/25: Austin, TX @ Emo’s – “Housecore Horror Film Festival*

10/26: Houston, TX @ Warehouse Live

10/28: Oklahoma City, OK @ Diamond Ballroom

10/29: Sauget, IL @ Pop’s Nightclub

10/30: Lawrence, KS @ Granada Theater

10/31: Denver, CO @ The Summit Music Hall***

11/1: Albuquerque, NM @ Sunshine Theater

11/2: Tempe, AZ @ The Marquee

11/3: Santa Ana, CA @ The Observatory

11/4: Reno, NV @ Knitting Factory Concert House

11/5: San Francisco, CA @ The Regency Ballroom

11/6: Hollywood, CA @ House of Blues

11/7: Las Vegas, NV @ Hard Rock Live

11/8: Magna, UT @ The Great Salt Air

11/10: Boise, ID @ Knitting Factory Concert House

11/11: Portland, OR @ Roseland Theater

11/12: Seattle, WA @ Showbox SODO


GWAR W/ TBA and American Sharks:

11/14: Vancouver, BC and Commodore Ballroom



GWAR W/ Corrosion of Conformity and American Sharks:

11/15: Spokane, WA @ Knitting Factory Concert House

11/16: Calgary, AB @ MacEwan Hall Ballroom

11/17: Edmonton, AB @ Union Hall

11/19: Fargo, ND @ The Venue

11/20: Minneapolis, MN @ Skyway Theater

11/21: Milwaukee, WI @ The Rave

11/22: Detroit, MI @ Harpo’s

11/23: Grand Rapids, MI @ The Intersection

11/25: Indianapolis, IN @ The Vogue

11/26: Cleveland, OH @ House of Blues

11/28: Charlotte, NC @ Tremont Music Hall

11/29: Philadelphia, PA @ Electric Factory

11/30: New York, NY @ Irving Plaza

12/2: Nashville, TN @ Exit/In

12/3: Asheville, NC @ The Orange Peel

12/4: Pensacola, FL @ Vinyl Music Hall

12/5: Orlando, FL @ Firestone Live

12/6: Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade

12/7: Columbus, OH @ Newport Music Hall

12/8: Millvale, PA @ Mr. Smalls Theater

12/9: Toronto, ON @ Opera House

12/10: Montreal, QC @ Virgin Mobile Corona Theater

12/11: Clifton Park, NY @ Upstate Concert Hall

12/12: New Haven, CT @ Toad’s Place

12/13: Baltimore, MD @ Baltimore Sound Stage

 * No American Sharks

** Havok plays on this show

*** Troglodyte plays on this show

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gwar Fall tour 2014 announced…

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GWAR to Embark Upon the “GWAR Eternal Tour 2014”


Oderus is missing. Once the Scumdogs in GWAR finally notice this (it takes them a while to notice stuff) they will set off on a journey to find their departed brother using every resource available – including recruiting an ancient Scumdog warrior. GWAR will need the help from everyone, even the lowliest Bohab, as their enemies are plotting to take advantage of the hole in GWAR‘s ranks.

BalSac The Jaws of Death on The “GWAR Eternal Tour 2014” and what to expect:

“Dark clouds of war and ill omen have gathered around GWAR. In our hour of greatest peril, Oderus has left us and our enemies stand poised, ready to strike while they sense weakness. But we shall no longer cower in our Antarctic stronghold, awaiting Destiny’s final blow. This Fall GWAR sets out on the most trying quest of our career. We shall scour our leader’s favorite stomping ground, North America, leaving no city unsearched, no venue unraised, and no sheep unmolested. GWAR will venture to the depths of Hell or to the very end of Time itself, and though I fear what we may encounter out there, I know that we can never return home until we have the answer we seek: ‘Where is Oderus Urungus?’”

GWAR fans have been mourning the loss of Dave Brockie, GWAR’s founder and lead singer, since March. The “GWAR Eternal Tour 2014” gives them an opportunity to gather and share a bunch of feels as a community while experiencing the sickest band in this or any other world.

Jamison Land, Beefcake the Mighty’s personal slave and bass tech:

“Dave was our friend and anchor for as far back as anyone can remember.  He’s held us together, and sometimes he drove us apart.  He is our brother and we love him. Unlike a lot of prominent musicians, he was friends with all of the fans. He made GWAR fans feel special on a personal level.  The fans love Dave as much as we do and ‘The GWAR Eternal Tour 2014’ is our way of getting together and sharing that love.”

The first leg of the tour will include direct support from Decapitated; the second leg will have direct support from Corrosion of Conformity.  American Sharks will open all shows.  The tour kicks off October 15th in Norfolk, VA and runs through December 13th in Baltimore, MD.  A complete list of dates can be found below.  Tickets go on sale this weekend.

Hail Oderus! Hail GWAR!


9/12: Chicago, IL @ RIOT FEST


all new gwar b-q update… more info than you need…

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qrr5fThe 5th Annual GWAR B-QGWAR’s saucy, sinful summer celebration—draws ever closer! And good reasons to make the trek to Hadad’s Lake (7900 Osborne Turnpike, Richmond, VA 23231) on Saturday, August 16th keep multiplying. We bestow upon you the following new reasons to attend: The pants wetting horror of the Crypt of Chaos, GWAR’s own haunted house, and two more celebrity guests. And to keep your facts straight, we’re including a comprehensive GWAR B-Q FAQ Bohab Guide.


GWAR! Haunted! House! Those three words should get your heart racing! The GWAR B-Q will feature the Crypt of Chaos, the first-ever GWAR-themed horror experience! Combining Slave Pit’s demented artistry and the pedigree of Tim Bunch’s House of Horrors, this will be a sicker, scarier event than your wildest nightmares can imagine! You will beg for release and emerge a bloody, broken shell of your former self. That is, if you have the guts to enter…


image003image005GWAR recently announced that Jello Biafra will preside over theDave    Brockie/Oderus Urungus Memorial (from 4:00pm to 7:00pm on   Friday, August 15th). He will share those duties with two other special guests: Randy Blythe of Lamb of God and Holliston TV series creator Adam Green. The event, also taking place at Hadad’s Lake, is FREE to the public. Show up to drink GWAR Beer and unleash a primal scream to pay tribute to Oderus as he journeys to Valhalla and beyond.



As an added bonus, we’ve included the GWAR B-Q FAQ BOHAB GUIDE – an all-encompassing checklist to ensure every Bohab’s maximum pleasure while attending the legendary GWAR B-Q. Of course, if you don’t want your hand held, almost all answers may be found at All Bohabs should pay particular attention to the handy FAQ at






Read all the info on your ticket. Premium ticket holders: Bring your printed confirmation to the B4BQ, the GWAR B-Q and the GWAfter Party for FREE entry.




4:00pm – 7:00pm at Hadad’s Lake 7900 Osborne Turnpike, Richmond, VA 23231


Doors open at 7:00pm at The Broadberry at 2729 W. Broad Street, Richmond VA 23220. While advanced tickets are no longer available, more should be released at the door on the day of show.


GWAR B-Q 5th Annual

10:00am – 7:00pm at Hadad’s Lake 7900 Osborne Turnpike, Richmond, VA 23231


2 stages of brutal bands playing all day, including the newly-announced Misfits. The GBQ’s finale is, of course, your lords and masters, GWAR!


Rest your ears and entice your other senses with “Rolling Wheels of Death” Skate Park, the bathing beauties of River City Magnolias, and the hilariously ridiculous Spew-O-Lympics!


GWAR wants all your money (to buy crack) but we won’t be too upset if you give some of it to the various humans setting up shop at the GWAR B-Q. Check out the new GWAR e-fluids at Mt. Baker Vapor, dig into a burger from local favorite Carytown Burgers & Fries, or get a permanent reminder of your experience from one of the artists in our air-conditioned tattoo parlor!


These guys – like Enemy Ink, makers of the official 5th Annual GWAR B-Q T-shirt, and revolutionary label METAL BLADE RECORDS  – were cool enough to help us put together the wildest GWAR B-Q yet. Of course, we’d rather take all the credit ourselves.

GWafter Party

Doors open at 7:00pm at Bandito’s Burrito Lounge 2905 Patterson Avenue, Richmond, VA 23221. Rock and tacos are a quality combination. The Meatmen will be playing their second set of the day – along with Polkadot Cadaver, Mudd Helmut and Creep-A-Zoids – to cap off the weekend!





PARKING is limited! Carpool, Bus, Taxi, Bike , Skateboard  or Bat Winged Helicopter.

Single occupant vehicles will be turned away at the gate!







 For More Info Visit:


Jizmak talks to loud regarding all upcoming gwar plans…

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clutch goes tropical and offers summer bbq mix…

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Renowned American rock group CLUTCH have released SUMMER SOUND ATTACK–a 10-song compilation of their most popular songs for streaming and download on iTunes (–this week via their label Weathermaker Music. SUMMER SOUND ATTACK includes “Electric Worry,” “The Regulator,”50,000 Unstoppable Watts,” “Earth Rockerand many more key tracks from the seminal group.


Today, Wednesday, July 23,theMaryland-based CLUTCHNEIL FALLON (vocals, rhythm guitar), TIM SULT (lead guitar), DAN MAINES (bass,) JEAN-PAUL GASTER (drums and percussion)–announced they’ll headline their first-ever South American performance on August 3 as part of Converse Rubber Tracks Live in Brasil. Supporting acts for the São Paulo, Brasil show will include The Sword alongside local acts DLC and Magueriebes. “Clutch has never been to São Paulo and come to think of it, Clutch has never even been to South America,” states CLUTCH frontman NEIL FALLON. “We’re stoked to finally have the opportunity to play. Big ups to Rubber Tracks for inviting us. And knowing that we will be there with our good pals, The Sword, makes it that much better. It’s gonna be a good night of rock and roll!”  Starting today (July 23rd), the only way to get into the free CLUTCH Converse Rubber Tracks Live Brasil show is to sign up now on:

Before heading south of the equator, CLUTCH have a handful of U.S. shows this week

Thursday, July 24, Syracuse, NY (Westcott Theater), Friday, July 25 Pittsburgh, PA (Stage AE), Saturday, July 26, Columbus, OH (The LC Pavilion-99.7 Blitz Smokeout Fest) and Sunday, July 27 Winston-Salem, NC (Ziggy’s) before returning for a fall U.S. tour kicking off September 5th in Providence, RI. See all tour dates for CLUTCH below.


“Electric Worry”

“The Regulator”


“The Mob Goes Wild”

“Earth Rocker”

“Gone Cold’

“50,000 Unstoppable Watts”

“D.C. Sound Attack!”

“Crucial Velocity”



CLUTCH are on the road supporting their critically acclaimed full length album, EARTH ROCKER–just released as a triple deluxe version via Weathermaker Music.  EARTH ROCKER was tagged by Rolling Stone on their “Top 20 Metal Albums” list and hailed by the magazine for its fusion of “seething admixtures of jam-band chops, careening blues-punk riffs” (December 2013). Produced, engineered and mixed by Machine (King Crimson, Lamb Of God), EARTH ROCKER continues to garner the group some of the best reviews of their career so far, see  critical soundbites  below and here:


THU 7/24 Syracuse, NY Westcott Theater
FRI 7/25 Pittsburgh, PA Stage AE
SAT 7/26 Columbus, OH The Great Summer Smokeout
SUN 7/27 Winston-Salem, NC Ziggy’s
Converse Rubber Tracks Live in Brasil
SUN 8/3 São Paulo, Brasil Cine Jóia
FRI 9/5 Providence, RI Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel
SAT 9/6 Clifton Park, NY Upstate Concert Hall
SUN 9/7 Toronto, ON Riot Fest
TUE 9/9 Knoxville, TN The Bijou Theatre
WED 9/10 Lexington, KY Buster’s Billiards & Backroom
THU 9/11 Toledo, OH Headliners
FRI-SUN 9/12-9/14 Chicago, IL Riot Fest
SAT 9/13 Grand Rapids, MI The Orbit Room
MON 9/15 Minneapolis, MN First Avenue
TUE 9/16 Sioux Falls, SD The District
THU 9/18 Kansas City, MO Arvest Bank Theatre at The Midland
FRI 9/19 Omaha, NE Sokol Auditorium
SAT 9/20 Denver, CO Riot Fest
MON 9/22 Springfield, MO Gillioz Theatre
TUE 9/23 Indianapolis, IN The Vogue
THU 9/25 Huntington, NY The Paramount
FRI 9/26 Norfolk, VA The NorVa
The Shindig Music Festival with Jane’s Addiction, Rise Against, Gogol Bordello, Halestorm
SAT 9/27 Baltimore, MD The Shindig Music Festival


CLUTCH critical soundbites:


“Four Maryland lifers–road dogs who’ve been grinding since the early Fugazi administration, cranking out  seething admixtures of jam-band chops, careening blues-punk riffs and singer Neil Fallon’s nerdy, piss-taking wiseass lyrics–release their hardest rocking set to date.”

ROLLING STONE, (#10 Rolling Stone “Top 20 Metal Albums,”Dec. 2013)


“Every now and again an album [Earth Rocker] comes along that’s an absolute classic-not just a handful of good tunes and a handful of filler, but a classic from start to finish. Not since Pure Rock Fury and Blast Tyrant has Clutch been so straightforward in their approach. By their own admission, the band found fresh inspiration from touring with Thin Lizzy and Motorhead and it showed in the music and in the colossal riffs of guitarist Tim Sult. “

METAL HAMMER, (#1 Metal Hammer “Album of the Year,” Jan. 2014)


“…bluesy rock, blustery, but impressively precise riffage, beards, and story songs about robots.

–Allison Stewart, REVOLVER (Mar. 2013)


Vocalist Neil Fallon oozes the passion and silver-tongued charm of a fire-and-brimstone preacher on the title track, Sult unleashes scores of timeless Clutch riffs (with a highlight being the irresistible fervor of ‘Unto the Breach’), and bassist Dan Maines lays down a gritty yet silky tone on tracks like ‘Crucial Velocity’ and ‘Mr. Freedom.’ In fact, every song here has its own rhythmic or melodic hallmark, making Earth Rocker a surefire future classic.”

–Billy Brennan, MODERN DRUMMER (Apr. 12, 2013)


Clutch has become a beaming example of perseverance and self-sufficiency for an independent act. …Earth Rocker remains focused on staying tight. …tracks like ‘Unto The Breach’ deliver with force: It’s fast, aggressive, melodic and catchy.”

–Mike Thomas, RELIX (Apr. 2013)


Earth Rocker is Clutch’s hard turn into primal boogie heaviness. The acoustic flourishes, blues songs, and psychedelic forays that shaped Clutch’s past few records are shelved and in their place are hard and barbed riff-driven tunes. …Singer Neil Fallon is a holy rock ’n’ roller celebrating his music’s cathartic release and its history.”

–Scott McLennan, BOSTON GLOBE (Mar. 2013)


Clutch has created one of its best, and most straightforward, albums to date. …Working again with producer Machine, the act stripped away the excess and honed in on the riff-heavy, muscular bar-band rock. …The white-knuckled rocking only slows down once. ‘Gone Cold,’ a subdued existential meditation, signals the end of Side A and works as a palate cleanser from the amplification and distortion. The respite also builds anticipation for the album’s best track, ‘Book, Saddle and Go.’ The band was inspired by recent tour mates, and ’70s hard-rock legends, Thin Lizzy, and here it shows most. The call-and-response hook and gritty riffing are proof Clutch doesn’t need to pander to fans or a major label (Weathermaker Music is owned by the band).”

–Wesley Case, BALTIMORE SUN, (Mar 15, 2013)


Clutch, the hard-touring Maryland band with an endless supply of guitar riffs, is back on the righteous path of heavy rockEarth Rocker is Clutch’s hardest-hitting album in a while, and it’s full of Fallon’s occasionally inscrutable, fantastical sci-fi themes. There are references to Guttenberg, the Large Hadron Collider and the medieval weapon the halberd–and that’s just in one song (‘Unto the Breach’). ‘The Face’ imagines a post-apocalyptic pop culture landscape where rock is dead and electric guitars have been cast into the sea. On ‘Cyborg Bette,’ our rock-star narrator falls for a robot, his ‘latest model’. A welcome return to form.”

–Christopher Weber, SEATTLE TIMES (Mar 18, 2013)


’Earth Rocker’will leave you battered and bruised from the relentless rhythm, vibe and energy. …The record is so UP, so groove ridden that words are not adequate to describe it. There is no filler here. There are no weak moments. There is nothing wasted. There is not a lyric, not a riff, not even a cymbal crash that is out of place.  Clutch are better musicians than most, but they are a much better band than just about everybody (there is a crucial difference). What an album it is.”

–Richard Maw, THE SLUDGELORD, (Mar. 24, 2013)


Formore information on CLUTCH:


MSO Press Releases and Bio here:





CLUTCH, Converse Rubber Tracks, São Paulo, Brasil poster:


Poster link:


About Clutch:

CLUTCH – Neil Fallon (Vocals/Guitar), Tim Sult (Guitar), Dan Maines (Bass) and Jean-Paul Gaster (Drums/Percussion) – have been pushing the boundaries of heavy rock including hard rock, blues rock, southern stoner rock and alternative metal since their early beginnings as a DC hardcore group in 1990. The band quickly became known for their relentless touring schedule, playing shows with bands spanning the spectrum from Therapy? to Iron Maiden, from Marilyn Manson to Thin Lizzy, Coheed and Cambria to Motörhead. What has come of it is a cult like fan base. With song content ranging from John Wilkes Booth to Monster Trucks to Greek mythology and government conspiracies, Mr. Fallon and the band have lead their “gear heads” on a surreal journey that is not even close to arriving home. Songs such as “Spacegrass”“Animal Farm”“A Shogun Named Marcus” and “Burning Beard”, all recorded prior to 2005, continue to be fan favorites. With ten studio albums under their belt as well as rarities, live albums and 3 DVDS, Clutch now have their own record label: Weathermaker Music. The first ever Clutch release was a 7” vinyl EP entitled Pitchfork (1991, Inner Journey) which later became Passive Restraints   (1992, Earache /UK, Relativity/USA), a 12” vinyl EP. These independent releases lead to the Clutch major label debut LP, Transnational Speedway League (1993, EastWest), and subsequently Clutch (1995, EastWest), The Elephant Riders (1998, Columbia), and Pure Rock Fury (2001, Atlantic) with the hit radio single “Careful with that Mic…”. In the following years Clutch licensed three albums to Megaforce Records: Live at the Googolplex (2003)Jam Room (2004) and Pitchfork & Lost Needles (2005). The first two of these albums have since been re-issued on the Weathermaker Music label.Slow Hole to China, a collection of rarities was released independently by Clutch in 2003. Full Fathom Five, Video Field Recordings (2008) is the first Clutch live show on a double disc DVD. It is also the first release on Weathermaker Music and was accompanied by a CD release of the same live recordings Full Fathom Five, Audio Field Recordings. A second double disc DVD, entitled Live at the 9:30, was released in 2010. In 2009, Clutch released their first full length studio recording on Weathermaker Music.Strange Cousins from the West was the first Clutch album to have worldwide distribution and it paved the way for all Clutch re- issues, DVD’s, Vinyl and singles to go international. The release was the highest selling record for first week sales for Clutch to date.  Jeremy Hunt directed the video to “50,000 Unstoppable Watts”. View it here. During the time period 2004 to 2007 Clutch released three classic albums, all of which were re-issued on Weathermaker Music between 2010 and 2011. These re-issues come with loads of added material (either in the form of studio tracks, live recordings or videos from the era of the original recordings) and substantially modified new artwork and packaging. From Beale Street to Oblivion (2010),  contained the hit “Electric Worry,”jokingly referred to by LEMMY from Motörhead as “That’s your Ace of Spades…”  Watch it here.  Robot Hive/Exodus (2010). “Burning Beard”, the video for this record, was directed by award winning producer Jeremy Hunt. The video was voted the #4 “Video of the Year” on MTV’s Headbangers Ball. Watch it hereBlast Tyrant (2011). This album featured the track “The Regulator” which was used prominently in the final scene for the mid-season 2 premiere (2012) of the hit American TV show series “The Walking Dead”. Blast Tyrant also included the hit single “The Mob Goes Wild”. The accompanying video was directed by Bam Margera and featured Margera’s Viva La Bam co-stars; Ryan Dunn, Brandon DiCamillo, and Don Vito. Watch it hereClutch released their tenth and latest studio album Earth Rocker March 16, 2013 on Weathermaker Music. The album entered the Billboard Top 200 chart at #15giving the band their highest chart position to date. Earth Rocker reached #1 on the Rock Chart and #4 on iTunes’ overall Top 100 album chart. Earth Rocker was awarded “Album of The Year” by Metal Hammer magazine and garnered a Top 10 spot on Rolling Stone magazine’s “Top 20 Metal Albums of the Year.”  To read more critical accolades, visit: In the summer of 2014 Weathermaker Music completed the Earth Rocker release cycle with a very special Double Vinyl 12” Picture Disc for collectors and Earth Rocker Deluxe, a 2xCD / DVD set. CD1 of the deluxe version features the original studio recordings with two previously unreleased songs, CD2 is a live version of all ER songs recorded at various stops on the Earth Rocker World Tour during the summer of 2013 and the DVD is a recording of Clutch’s Denver, CO show from (11/14/13). As a bonus, the DVD contains three promotional videos, two of which were directed by Aisha Tyler.

For CLUTCH publicity, contact:


Libby Coffey/MSO PR

818-380-0400 x224;