clutch review of middle east show…kick off show of us 08 tour

from Pulse magazine…review by jillian locke, check the link:

Total domination ensued once again February 22nd at the Middle East as Baltimore, MD’s powerhouse of rock,Clutch, pulled in a full house despite the snowy assault outside. Joined by Hexmachine, Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, and Murder by Death (all of whom rocked the f**k out and were much deserving of the opening slots),Clutch appeared as a four piece, a change-up from their recent tours with 5-7 members. Not only was the band back to original size, but the rock vikings had a few other surprises up their sleeves, like “Basket of Eggs,” “The House that Peterbilt,” and the completely unexpected Bakerton Group (Clutch’s side-project) tracks “Last Orbit” and “Bruce Bigsby.” I have to say, one of the truly amazing things about a Clutch show is that as long as the person next to you is rockin’ out, you’re insta-best friends. You rock together, scream together, and sweat together…much like good sex, but sex for your ears. That being said, I have decided to include the entire set list, compliments of message board: Mercury, Profits of Doom, The Mob Goes Wild, Immortal, Sea of Destruction, Child of the City, The Soapmakers, Basket of Eggs, Mice and Gods, Eight Times Over Miss October, The Regulator, Bruce Bigsby, The Devil and Me, Texan Book of the Dead, Big Fat Pig, Last Orbit, Animal Farm, The House That Peterbilt; Encore: Power Player, Promoter.

While driving home from the show, my friend and I were talking about Clutch’s sound. I found it impossible to fit them into one genre. The best way I could describe their sound was that it encompasses every sound. Yeah, it’s rock. Sure, it’s bluesy. It’s also jammy, funky, intellectual, and completely silly, making Clutch’s music a genre completely unto itself. Clutch is the only band that can ALWAYS cheer me up and bring me back down to earth, regardless of my current mood or circumstance. There is no defining Clutch. They are an enigma, they are timeless, and they are, once again, the future and savior of rock and roll.


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