The 7th Annual GWAR B-Q Breaks All Records…And Bones!

gbq success pic

Once again, last weekend Bohabs and music fans alike descended on beautiful Richmond, Virginia to attend the 7th Annual GWAR B-Q at Hadad’s Lake. Once again, the legendary GWAR found themselves lounging atop the bodies of the more than 3,500 GWAR B-Q attendees, swilling massive amounts of GWAR Beer, mainlining “Arctic Snow” Vodka, and stinking up the joint by chain-smoking the band’s own premium limited edition CiGWARs.

The 2016 GWAR B-Q broke all previous records for, death count, casualties and utter devastation. Every band that performed kicked so much ass that GWAR spared their lives, although the “members” of several groups were severely beaten and humiliated in a series of no holds barred wrestling matches. The 2016 lineup goes toe-to-toe with any other festival performance anywhere, on any day: GWAR, LAMB OF GOD, AGAINST ME!, DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, AUGUST BURNS RED, AMERICAN NIGHTMARE, EYEHATEGOD, LAGWAGON, MURPHY’S LAW, BRAIN TENTACLES, MOBILE DEATHCAMP, OCCULTIST, SAWYER FAMILY, and THE DEATH OF ROCK AND ROLL.

But of course, the main event of this and every GWAR B-Q was the jaw-dropping, eyeball-popping exhibition by the creators of the human race, our lords and masters, the Scumdogs of the Universe, GWAR! Those in attendance witnessed a blistering set that featured the Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump fighting to the death for control of the American government, as well as GWAR defending their belts for the “Intergalactic Wrestling Championship.”

Another successful GWAR B-Q is now in the books and the human slaves have already started preparation for next years event, which is slated to be even bigger and better than the carnage and mayhem this year!